Heartland Business Systems


Enterprise Resource Planning

A multinational medical equipment manufacturing & distribution company with locations in 27 countries was being sold off. All business systems (Accounting, email, document/file management, sales order processing, order fulfillment, engineering …) and their supporting infrastructure (Servers, PC, LAN, WAN, printing communication …) had to be built from scratch.  To complicate matters, its parent company was operating on green-screen, mainframe systems that had evolved over 25 years. Heartland leveraged its xRM-based ERP solution to get our client up and running quickly. Today, the entire enterprise runs on the Heartland H21 ERP solution. This solution integrates core financial systems with manufacturing & material planning, CRM, inventory management, transfer pricing, global currency management and many other functions. 

Revenue Management

A hospitality client was challenged by the need to consolidate invoice data from a wide array of external sources, this client needed a way to receive and process data, then bill clients quickly and easily. Heartland was able to develop a custom solution and implement it quickly.

Business Unit Integration


During a period of rapid expansion, a large insurance company needed a fast and easy way to integrate financial and operational data from a growing set of business units.  Heartland leveraged the power and flexibility of xRM to get a solution in-place quickly.